About Us

Vermont Corporate College

For the first time ever, there is a statewide solution to Vermont’s workforce training needs. Vermont Corporate College, a collaboration between the Community College of Vermont and Vermont Technical College, delivers nationally recognized training curricula to businesses statewide using local, nationally certified trainers and instructors.

Dr. Philip Conroy, Vermont Tech President

Dr. Philip Conroy, President, Vermont Tech

Both CCV and Vermont Tech have “Vermont” in our name. Clearly, our mission is to serve the citizens, businesses, and organizations of the state.  Vermont Corporate College is an important collaborative initiative by two institutions of the Vermont State College system to expand workforce development efforts and extend services to more individuals throughout the state.


Joyce Judy

Joyce Judy, President,CCV

Vermont Corporate College can help create the future… for both individuals and businesses. We can provide creative and responsive workforce training solutions that easily integrate with degree programs and career goals. And, the combined resources of CCV and Vermont Tech allow for easy access to the best programs in Vermont.


Tim Donovan

Tim Donovan, Chancellor,Vermont Coporate College

The education and training needs of Vermont’s employers are diverse and dynamic. By bringing the collective resources of Vermont Tech and CCV to bear in a seamless manner, Vermont Corporate College will help Vermont employers, large and small,  develop the workforce they need to succeed.